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We offer air conditioning solutions for home as well as bigger facilities which include the annual maintenance contracts. Sales & services of Splt, cassette, tower A/c’s.

Our expert technicians are trained to carryout works with advanced tools & equipment, delivering faster & better service and saving your valuable time.

we offer service, design & installation of HVAC systems along with cold storages servicing

PEst control services

We provide pest control/management services for Mosquitoes, Houseflies, Rots Cokroaches, bedbugs and other commin Pests.
We are providing best service in treating Temites with adourless products unlike other service providers. Most advanced ecofriendly pesticides make your environment oudorless, leaves your interior stainless and does not harm your pets.

CCTV & Security systems

keep an eye on your Home/business premises even in your absence wit our advanced CCTV system which support moile/remote viewing. IR sensors (for night vision). Never miss a detail with the new HD recording system.
We also offer other security options like video door phones magnetic doors and Biometric devices
Our security officers and guards are trained to protect and safeguard your premises all the time to provide a stable work environment we throughly verify all records ensuring their honesty. Politeness and truthfulness

Land scaping & garden Maintenance

OUR professional maintenance staff are trained to handle your arden with care and maintain the texture of the lown with the modern landscaping techniques and given life to a beautiful garden

CCTV & Security systems

Pest control services

Air conditioning Services

Housekeeping & Jonitorial Services

WE offer wide range of services regarding housekeeping & jonitorial services including facade cleaning and office maintenance. Our professional cleaning staff strive to maintain hugiene & cleanliness at your premises
Our housekeeping services cover:
  • floor cleaning, polishing, floor buffer, floor waxing.
  • Clearing Garbage bins, trash cans.
  • Restocking restroom papers, air fresheners
  • Clearing lunchroom/kitchen, stainless steel surfaces
  • Carpet cleaning (vaccum, dry method, extraction)

Services Offered by us

Choice of best

Air Conditioner AMC’s HVRC Cold storages, Water Coolers, Refrigeration Home A/C service&sale Tower A/C
Pest Control services for Mosquitoes. files Termite, bedbugs, rots Cockroaches & other pests.
Housekeeping services Jointorial services Facade Cleaning. office maintenace, Cleaning staff supply
CCTV & Security system Home alarm system Biometric attendance Video/magnetic doors Secutiry guards
Landscaping & Garden maintenace. Terrace garden, Indoor garden, Turf Lown, ornamentol Plants.
Plumbing works False ceiling works Electrical works Engineering Sercices


Dhathri Facility Management is the first o fits kind in and around tirupati to provide a wide array of services from all commercial facilities to home solutions

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